Dreams / Poem

I want to write about dreams-
Those that are bountiful,
Those that are beautiful.
Those that transcends,
Dimensions ever imagined.

My dreams are enriched-
With all the known colors,
And all the colors unknown.
Yes, they have the whites,
And the blacks -the cast away.

My dreams do smell-
Of the fresh blooms of spring,
Of the freshly brewed coffee,
Of the freshly baked bread.
They also have the scent
Of mud and the petrichor.

Kings, queens, princes,
Princesses, guards, soldiers-
All dwell in the forts and palaces
Of my dreams.
Their stables have horses too.
Wars are won and lost,
In the world of my dreams.

I do not irk with
The landscapes and terrains.
I do not stop seeing mountains,
Valleys and canyons.
Forests thick and deserts dry.
Green ponds and blue rivers.
The never ending love
Between ocean and the shore.

My night skies are lit up
With stars and moon.
I sometimes-
Sleep on the clouds and
Wake up on the moon.
The days are hot
With the yellow summer sun,
Or maybe -
Gloomy with grey clouds.

I have no rules to dream.
I see them with closed eyes.
I see them with wide eyes- open.
I do not want my dreams flavorless,
I want my dreams bustling.
I follow my heart and
I create my own little universe.
I create my own fairy tales,
And I live in them !!

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