When it was Childhood !! / Poem

In those days of childhood,
When I was under the hood,
Of mom and dad and all around,
When I was always home bound.
When all that mattered was just,
The moment to be lived best,
When dreams were limited,
To a peer’s possessions –prized,
When the concern was only
Getting punished for folly,
When the struggles were simple,
 But only not to get pimples,
When the heart was broken,
Only when toys were broken,
When fights broke out,
Over issues petty but sorted out,
When jealousy made its way,
But could easily be put away,
When love was always true,
With whole heart and virtue,
When fury made friends broken,
But cured with a chocolate token,
When tensions were real,
But only for exams in real,
When falling sick was seen fluky,
As missing school was for few lucky,
When diet contained everything,
But diets were not named anything,
When beauty did bother,
But by the beholder in the mirror,
When money was important,
But it was nothing so potent,
When opinions did matter,
But only of parents – however.
In those days of childhood,
When I was under the hood,
Life was filled with life,
And dreams were life like,
When I had no clue about
What lay ahead was just a bout,
When all I wanted was growing up,
Coz I wanted to put make up,
I never knew nothing would be the same,
And growing up was a trap of a game.

25 thoughts on “When it was Childhood !! / Poem

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    1. That is so very true !! I bet everyone would have wanted to grow up so soon but once grown up, they all wanna go back to the good old childhood. Living on the memories of childhood 😊

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  1. Great.. Childhood is the best phase that ever comes in every persons life .. A child gets unconditional love.. But everyone has to loose it … But great written nima .. Best wishes…😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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