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Darkness / Poem

Image Courtesy : Internet
It has a character you see - 
That you have molded and 
Exerted since ages.
Dreadful and scary.
Eery and creepy.

You see no sun,
And you have darkness.
You see no moon and stars,
And you have darkness.
You see no light,
And you have darkness.
You see no love,
And you have darkness.
Beneath the seas
And beyond the skies,
Deep holes and
Dark caves,
Darkness is contained.
And when you probe,
Don't we all have
Darkness within?
Oh yes, oh yes !!
You see,
There is a dark side,
To you and me.
An unknown you,
An unknown me-
Lurking in darkness.

The other way
If we think, is it really like that?
Hmm, shall we see?

Who said darkness 
Has a single black color?
Darkness too
Is colorful.
But, blessed enough 
Not are we,
To see the colors of dark.
Doesn't darkness
Glorify light?
If it does not get dark,
No sun will be adored.
Moon gets beautified
The same way too.

Did anyone embrace 
Your hurt and grief
The way darkness did?
Who gave you comfort
When you teared up?
Who hid you from 
Those unwanted stares?
And my darling,
Who fed you with 
Saplings of Dreams?
Darkness nurtured your
Mind and soul-
Nursing dreams for you.
And when you reach
Final chapter of life,
Think who will be
Your sole companion.

So you see-
When all else failed,
When everything around crumbled,
When everyone left you,
When you were broken,
When you were alone,
There was only darkness-
Holding you tight,
Protecting you and
Consoling you.
So don't you see?
The only constant 
That does not change-
Is really not that dark.

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