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A Painting and a Wish/ My thoughts

I wake up after a good night’s sleep. My eyes are heavy. My whole body stiff as a log. For a moment, I could not feel my whole body. I lay there for sometime, hardly moving. I was lying on the floor, with no sheets and blankets and no pillows. Slowly I begin to regain my senses. I open my eyes wide to the oblivion.

I begin to explore the “space”. There was no furniture. There was nothing. Just a room where I was. I notice the windows- it had no doors and curtains. Just a few uneven wooden logs. I see the fog slowly filling the room through the windows. Rays of the sun entangling the fog. Lost, I stare at the scene. And then, I hear the birds. They were chirping in merry. I hear the woodpecker, pecking on the wood. I hear the parrot and the cuckoo. I hear the peacock, calling for rain. I hear the squirrels and the cricket. That is strange, for never before did I hear them !!

The ceiling and the room was plain, and the walls, not the same. Everything has changed. I slept on a cozy cot, but I wake up on the floor. The paints were bright, but here I see earthly colors. And the smell.. oh so fresh !!

I see the single opening of the only room I was in. The room had no door and again no curtains. I move towards the opening. I could feel a sense of fear inside as I do not know what waited for me outside. Mustering up all the courage, I decide to take a stroll outside. A curious longing took over me and as I walked, a gush of wind from outside caressed me ,as if waiting for me. I took that as a welcome and saw the sense of fear vanishing. I stepped outside and was stunned. Such was the beauty.

Extends of blooms and greens, trees and canopies. I asked myself – where am I. I don’t know- I answered. I walk on the green soft grass, looking around and absorbing everything. Filling my heart and soul, I move forward. The tress are in full bloom , so are the plants and shrubs. Fresh scent of flowers and the merriness filled the air. I can see vasts of mountains surrounding the place. No similar rooms were to be seen and no one else in the vicinity.

My very own existence long forgotten, I walk. I hear something- something that I always loved to hear. Yes- the music to my ears, the sound of flowing water. Pulling myself towards it – my pace now quicker. I see the blue, the blue water. I increase my pace and voila I see the whole body. Gracefully, peacefully. She had a rhythm of her own, a music of her own. I reach the banks – the lucky ones who are always close to her, receiving all her immense love and fondle.

I walk and I walk. And then I sit by the banks. My gaze fixed in the flowing blue water.I watch as the pebbles bathe and the fish play. And then it struck me- what am I doing here? I do not have any worries. I do not fear the idea of today. I do not fear the notion of tomorrow. That is not the me I once knew !! I was in such a state of trance that I let it go. I let go of the fear of not having the fear.

I do not have any record of time. I do not know how long I sat there. I am mused, serene and calm. I do not know how long this went on and I do not know how long this will last. As if answering my thought, the sun begins to set. But !! but I woke up just now. I was perplexed and startled to see everything around me getting dark. Unknown and scared, I get up from the river bank. The blooms, greens, the trees and the canopies – only dark silhouettes now. As if programmed, I walk towards the room. I enter and I lie down. I close my eyes.

I open my eyes. I am on the cozy cot. The bright paints and the familiar smell returns. No squirrels and no crickets. No peacocks and parrots and cuckoo. What just happened? Just as I thought this, the familiar and bothering alarm goes on. I switch it off. I think and I think, trying to recollect everything. I remember every single detail of it. But what was that? And then it hits me hard. I was inside a painting. A painting I saw somewhere and someday. A painting I had longed to be in. Away from the melancholic life. Away from the dull old routines and the boring days. I wished to live in that painting. It had an enchanting something that made me want to live in it. My desire was so strong that I could actually live in it – but in my DREAMS.

Many days passed since the dream. Oh !! How I wish I had the same dream again. How I wish to wake up on the floor, to see the earthly colors and to smell the freshness. How I wish to listen to the birds and the squirrels and the flowing river. How I wish to get lost in the dream. But alas !! I never got to dream the same dream again and the wait continues …

(Image Courtesy – Internet)


7 responses to “A Painting and a Wish/ My thoughts”

  1. Indira Avatar

    Liked the imaginary painting where you lived a few moments!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nima Mohan Avatar

      Thank u Indira πŸ™‚


  2. MOMENTS Avatar

    Entering a painting through your dreams… so beautifully written, Nima. Great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nima Mohan Avatar

      Thank you !! πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

      1. MOMENTS Avatar

        My pleasure.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Michael33 Avatar

    A beautiful dream… or perhaps something beyond… beautifully written…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nima Mohan Avatar

      Thank you !! Yeah… maybe something beyond a dream 😊


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