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Those Branded days without a day for Self !!/ My Thoughts

I am writing about something – something that me and my best half have always agreed. It is about certain dates of the year when we celebrate love and life and friendships and some more. It is something that I have always wondered about since I got introduced to them. So here I share my views on the “the special days”.

So everyone, let me ask you – is it really important to have some “special days”? Oh yes !! Those branded days – the Valentine’s day, The friendship day, Women’s day, Mother’s day, Happiness day … and the list goes on and on. Is it required that we keep aside certain days of our life to celebrate when we can celebrate each day?

Should love be celebrated only on one day? Why do that when you have your whole life? Why cant we love as if everyday is Valentine’s? After all love is something that makes life more precious- Is it not? I am of the opinion that every form of love should be celebrated. Love towards anything , everything and everyone. Love has no bounds or regions, nor does it judge. Love as much as you can and you only gain in love.

When you have the best healers of the world – your best friends by your side, make it a reason to celebrate the beautiful bond every moment. Cherish the ones who make make you smile brighter,laugh louder and live better.

And then you have the purest form of love – mother’s love. Will a single day suffice to thank her enough? OK here, I need to go cliche because it is our mothers that I am talking about . For the endless sacrifices she has made since the day we were born. For the beautiful life we live today is the result of her harder days and sleepless nights.

These are only some of those days that came to my mind or rather everyone’s mind when I say the special days. But when you celebrate all the branded days, why don’t we have a special day to celebrate with ourselves? To admire and encourage our self? The long forgotten self that we have caged in us for the sake ofhappy living? Let them out once a while. Free your self off the stupid notions and the standards set by the society for “happy living” and then see what happens. You will not regret or repent the deed. When was the last time you looked at the mirror and said ” Oh Wow !! You are awesome !!” ? I may sound silly, but that is something you ought to do for the sake of your relation with yourself.

I think all these days have served their purpose for long years. Like I said, I don’t give a damn for “the” days, because I believe that I , Me , Myself – should be celebrated everyday. And that is for every living soul . Man or woman- please do not restrict yourself to a single day !! Love yourself the most. Respect yourself the most. Be your own best friend. Be your own companion. Stand up for yourself. Help yourself to be your self. And do that every single second. Just do not malign yourself with the dirty tricks of society. Keep away from the weird ideas of perfection/ imperfection and the right/wrong. They are misleading. They pull you away from yourself and your happiness. Beware of the contaminated solicitors who persuade you to be the sheep following the flock.

Thats all your Honour !! 😊


10 responses to “Those Branded days without a day for Self !!/ My Thoughts”

    1. Nima Mohan Avatar

      Thank you 🙂

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    2. Era Avatar

      it is so good, totally agree with you on every point 💙💙💙
      we indeed share common thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nima Mohan Avatar

        Thanks for the read dear !!
        Hi fi to my fellow capricorn !! 😃😃

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Era Avatar


          Liked by 1 person

          1. Nima Mohan Avatar


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  1. MOMENTS Avatar

    Very deep thoughts about love. Yes, we definitely need to learn to love ourselves because it is the way to learn to love the others, which is essential in this world. However, we should be aware that all extremes are bad. It is good to love ourselves as long as we do not become Narcissits (look at personalities like Donald Trump making our world miserable).


    1. Nima Mohan Avatar

      I believe that there is no way to love others until and unless we love ourselves. Love finds its own way when we respect the self 😀
      Even though i agree that extremes of everything is bad !!

      Liked by 1 person

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