Soul of the Ocean /Poem

Ocean or the Sea?
A big body of water?
Is she just that?
Well, if you ask me,
I would call her a big Soul.

A big big soul of emotions-
Emotions galore within,
Of intense glee and pride,
Love and hurt,
Sorrow and vengeance.

Deep yet shallow,
Vast yet wee,
Mysterious yet obvious,
Strange yet familiar.
She rules it all,
Yet she surrenders.

She bears stories untold,
Of pirates and ships,
And sea monsters.
Of the lost wanderers,
Of long long nights,
And longer days.
Of storm and the calmness.

Oh!! Is she a pregnant soul?
With corals and pearls,
Grand castles and old kings;
With ballads and jingles,
Of how the mermaids,
Loved mortal princes;
With lyrics of how
The mermaid's tears did bring a cure.

The albatross- her harbinger-
Of all the good and bad times,
Of all the grief and bliss,
Of all the hope and betrayal.

But no.
Not all can call her a soul.
Only her courteous listeners can .
She pours her soul only into them.
And ME - one among them .

This is my entry for OctPoWriMo 2019

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